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MBBS In Russia For Indian Students

MBBS in Russia evolves many successful doctors, MBBS medical degree specialists, and clinicians in the world and it has the oldest and advanced medical systems maintained from ancient days.

Russia is the famous destination for pursuing medical courses right from the Soviet era to International students. It gives confidence to the students to adapt to all environments and continue their service as medical professionals. Many students from abroad make their travel to pursue MBBS medical degree in Russia because of the facilities and a pleasant environment.

It constantly increases the number of medical aspirants by encouraging them and making them renowned doctors. So, MBBS in Russia is the best destination for Indian students who aspire to become a doctor at an affordable price.

Introduction About MBBS in Russia

Studying MBBS abroad is the greatest feasible option comparing to study MBBS in Indian Private Medical colleges B/C category payment seats. The potential pool of students every year who migrates to study MBBS abroad crossed 20,000 in 2020. Medical aspirants seeking MBBS abroad considerably increased in past decade highly fascinated towards the:

  • Global Medical educational standards
  • Low and affordable Fee structure
  • Low cost of living
  • Great learning atmosphere
  • Innovative teaching methodologies
  • Practice-oriented medical training
  • Globally accepted curriculum and Medical Degree

Education System in Russia

Free and compulsory education is guaranteed to all the citizens of Russia is the most prominent accomplishment for the country during these past decades. The country provides high eminence to the under and post-Graduation education to all the deserved students of the country regardless of their financial conditions. The unimaginable accomplishment of Russia notable for its outstanding abilities in promoting its higher education system defines by the 54% of the World’s Graduate population belonging to or graduated from the country.

Medical Education in Russia For Indian

Russian Universities are the most diversified universities of the world with remarkable unification of tradition and modern methodologies. Most of the Russian Universities are the world’s oldest universities serving for centuries steadfastly in promoting exceptional students and outstanding Medical Practitioners to the world. Russian Medical and other colleges offer its locals and foreign nationals free education or economic sponsorships or scholarships contingent to their regulations. This potential superpower of the world has the highest number of Hospitals, Doctors, Healthcare professionals, medical helpers, and personnel on a per capital basis among the World.

Russian Medical Universities and Colleges are innumerable with an inordinate number of Medical Professionals graduating every year. As per the UNESCO reports in 2014 Russia is leading in the world’s 6th place to accommodate international student’s education. Country apportions the highest budget around 422 billion rubles for research and development and to provide phenomenal sustenance for its higher education in various sectors containing Medical, Science, Aerospace, Technical and Business research progressions. Russian Universities pioneered among the world’s top Medical Universities acquiring top positions among the best university rankings across the world. World Health Organization, WDOMS, and other global agencies commend the exceptional standards of Medical education disseminated by Russian Universities.

Facts on MBBS in Russia for Indian Students

Every year Russia billets over one million international students among which 10% are of Medical students migrated from over 200 plus world countries. MBBS in Russia not a new concept to the Indian Medical aspirants since two to three decades Indian students are migrating to study Medicine in Russia. The number has exemplified on regular basis showcasing the tremendous trust and ability of the Russian Medical colleges in providing capable medical graduates.

In response to most of the Indian student’s queries on MBBS in Russia’s validity, benefits and threats we can provide lengthy reasons that can satisfy every query in the minds of Indian Students and Parents.

Benefits Of MBBS in Russia For Indian Students

  • Ancient, prominent Medical Universities of the World
  • Ranked in top 30 positions among top 100 Medical universities of the world
  • WHO, UNESCO, and other global agencies recognized medical degree
  • Top Government Medical universities providing Global Medical Education
  • Free / Financial aid / Scholarship facilities to meritorious and needy students
  • The individual attention provided to Every medical student
  • Opportunity to gain employment and settle in Russia
  • English Medium of teaching
  • No Donation required
  • No Entrance Examination to enroll
  • No language tests are required
  • Low and very Affordable Fee Structure
  • Starts from 1.9 lakhs per year
  • Easy admission process
  • MCI / NMC recognized universities
  • European standards of medical education similar to India
  • Indian Food facilities at all the Medical colleges having an Indian student population
  • Subsidized hostel fee and very economical
  • Low cost of living while MBBS in Russia
  • Russian Medical education is similar to Indian Medical education
  • Plenty of Indian students availability for guidance
  • Excellent results in FMGE screening tests during past years
  • Easy Visa procedures and 100% guaranteed visa

Living Cost in Russia for Indian Students

Apart from university fees, you need to spend around 100 USD to 150 USD per month for food and other personal expenses. Living expenses are a little higher in major cities of Russia.

Duration of MBBS course in Russia

Russian Universities offer 6 years of MBBS course which includes the final year compulsory internship. MBBS in Russia is of 6 years as per the European standards, which includes 5 years of academic study and 1 year of internship. In the first three years, students study the theoretical aspect of medicine, and the last three years focus on practical skills. Each year is subdivided into two semesters, which means the student has a total of 12 semesters in the whole course.

Eligibility to study MBBS in Russia

MBBS in Russia is very simple as well as prominent comparing with other countries that need to qualify for various entrance examinations required for enrollment. Visa and other procedures also are stress-free offering 100% guaranteed visas for the students comparing with other countries.

  • Students must complete 17 years of age or above before the end of the admission year
  • 50% PCB (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) marks is a must in their 12th standard (10+2 format) studying from any regular board examinations
  • Students must study in English medium or English as a compulsory subject
  • NEET qualification is a must to apply for the license in India after course completion

Medium of Teaching MBBS in Russia

Though most of the Russian Universities are having English mode of education for its international students one Russian subject need to quality as part and parcel of the course. The same is necessary for the final year internship where students need to communicate in local Russian languages with the patients. Russian universities follow basically three types of teaching:

  • MBBS course taught fully in the English language
  • MBBS course taught in Bilingual program (half English and half Russian)
  • MBBS course taught fully in the Russian language

Students are advised to choose the colleges with English mode of teaching throughout their course to avoid inconveniences in later stages of their medical education. For the benefit of the students here, we have enlisted the most prominent Universities acknowledged by Indian NMC as well by WHO to facilitate easy understanding.

Most popular medical Universities among Indian students for studying MBBS in Russia

1. Bashkir State Medical University Russia
2. Crimea State Medical University Russia
3. Kazan Federal University Russia
4. Volgograd State Medical University Russia
5. Kazan State Medical University Russia
6. Orel State Medical University Russia
7. Belgorod State Medical University Russia
8. Peoples friendship University Moscow Russia
9. First Moscow State Medical University Russia
10. Saint Petersburg State Medical University Russia

MBBS In Russia Fees 2021-2022

MBBS fee structure in Russian medical universities ranges between US$ 4,000 to US$ 6,000 per year. We have put on here the fee structure of Russian medical universities. Check out all the necessary details about tuition fees, hostel fees, and other expenses for MBBS in Russia.

Top Russian NMC& WHO recognized Universities Fee Doing MBBS in Russia

The given list of Medical colleges is approved by WHO and NMC for its MBBS course validity. Students however need to verify the mode of teaching of the colleges prior to joining.

University Name Teaching Mode Fees in USD 1st Year Fees in USD from 2nd to 6th Year
Omsk State Medical University English 5500 4700
Crimea Federal University English 4500 3500
Pskov State Medical Univeristy Bilingual 6200 5500
Dagestan State Medical University English 4500 4000
Irkutsk State Medical University English 4000 3800
Ryazan State Medical University English 4500 4000
Kuban State Medical University Russian 5300 4500
Kazan State Medical University English 5400 4500
Pirogov Russia NRM University English 5800 4800
Mari State University Russian 5800 4700
Bashkir state Medical University Russian 5800 4500
Tula State University Bi lingual 4800 3500
Siberian State Medical University Russian 6200 6000
Volgograd State Medical University English 5700 5500
Perm State Medical University Russian 6200 5000
Smolensk State Medical University Bi lingual 6500 6000
Northern State Medical University Bi lingual 6000 5000
Kazan Federal Medical University Bi lingual 6000 5300
Orenburg State Medical University Russian 6000 5000
Kursk State Medical University Bi lingual 6300 5500
Tver State Medical University Bi lingual 6800 6400
IM Sachenov Moscow State Med University English 10500 9300
St Petersburg Medical University English 6300 5500
People’s Friendship University Bi lingual 7500 7000
Altai State Medical University Bi lingual 5100 4100
Orel State Medical University Bi lingual 5000 3700

Note: The entire fee structure provided here might have slight variations for the academic year 2021 as per the new fee structures of the university, students advised to carefully scrutinize prior to enrollments.

Note: students need to get clarification from the university authorities on which mode of teaching course you are to be enrolled unless you may be enrolled into any Russian teaching colleges leading to dire consequences.

Essential Documents for Admission to MBBS in Russia

Study MBBS in Russia the essential documents that need to submit more or less similar and here is the enlistment of the same:

  • Birth Certificate
  • S.C marks memo
  • Intermediate/12th /+2 marks memo
  • Migration /Transfer /School leaving Certificate
  • NEET scorecard
  • Passport
  • Passport size photos
  • Bank statements
  • NOC from parents
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Statement of purpose
  • Medical Certificates

Scholarship Facility Doing MBBS in Russia

Russian Government offers scholarships for meritorious and economically needed students regardless of nationality. Students can directly apply or take appropriate support from the university authorities to avail the necessary Grants/scholarships / economical aids. The list of NGO’s and other agencies where one can get scholarships:

  • Russian Federation Scholarship granted by Russian Government
  • Healthcare Leaders Scholarship bestowed by Healthcare regard group
  • IIE at Bard College Scholarship given by Institute for International Liberal education (IILE) at Bard College

UWA Global Excellence Scholarship conferred by UWA edu.au


Russian is the official language of Russia in spite of hundred other ethnic languages in usage English and very few other languages are widespread. The majority of ethnic languages are used by the locals which is not a considering factor to the medical students nonetheless they necessarily must learn Russian during their course to communicate with their patients.

Job opportunities in Russia for Medical Students

Students that are proficient in the Russian language and have graduated from local universities can apply for placements in Russian Hospitals. Plenty of international students do settle in Russia after their courses and enjoy the local benefits. Permanent Residency can be acquired after serving few years at Russian hospitals by international students.

PG in Medicine at Russia For Indian Students

PG opportunities are aplenty available in Russia for medical graduates, they can appear for the local entrance examinations for the same. Once they qualified in them they could get enrolled into any of the offered specializations for the PG as per the availability and opportunity.

Why It is Popular To Study MBBS in Russia

Name of the Country            : Russian Federation or Russia

Capital City                           : Moscow

Total area                               : 17,075, 200 km2

Official languages                 : Russian

Currency                                : Russian Ruble

Religions                                 : Christianity (73%)

Government                           : Federal Semi-presidential constitutional republic

President at present              : Vladimir Putin

Legislature                             : Federal Assembly

Total population                    : 146.171,015

Population density                :  21.8 / sq ml

Time variation to India        : 1 hr 30 mts behind to IST

Russian Federation the largest country of the world comprising of 1/8th Earth’s inhibited land area. This transcontinental country is most prominent for its largest land acquired area spread across 17,075,200 Square kilometers is a greatest advantage to the country. Though being the world’s largest country in population it ranks only 9th most populated country. Russia is considered to one of the superpower of the world with glorious ranks of Human Development Index among the world as well in advanced healthcare and education systems.

Russia the vast country covering 11 different time zones and bordering with 16 Sovereign Nations located in Northern Asia and Eastern Europe is the most widely spread country. The country holds a wide variety of minerals and other natural resources including spectacular and rare species of flora and fauna. Russia is the most populated country of Europe accommodating over 146.8 million populations however it is also the world’s most sporadically spread population only 9 inhabitants spread for one square kilometer.

This cosmopolitan country ranked 9th position for the lowest population spread and having 193 most diversified ethnic groups spread through the country. Russia is segregated into 85 federal subjects, 46 provinces, 22 republics, 9 territories, 4 autonomous districts and 3 federal cities. Moscow is the capital city of Russia and the largest as well most populated cosmopolitan city aside to Saint Petersburg, and Sevastopol cities.

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