MBBS in Turkey

Duration :

6 Years

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Intake :


Eligibility :

50% in PCB

Medium of Teaching :


MBBS in Turkey

Study MBBS in Turkey: Top Universities, Admission Eligibility, Fees Structure

MBBS in Turkey is best suited for cost-conscious students. Those who aim to become doctors with proper and excellent skills can do their MBBS in medical degree in Turkey. The main ambition of the nation is to provide education to the students.

This article is for Study medical degrees in Turkey for Indian, Kashmiri & Pakistani students who are looking to pursue MBBS abroad in Turkey. Here We discuss Turkey’s geographical location, food, culture, economy, and the best medical universities of Turkey, their tuition fee, admission procedures for MBBS aspirants in India. Students should know about study in Turkey before enrolling in a reputed Medicine university in Turkey, fee structure to study in Turkey for Indian students, scholarship in Turkey, living and jobs in Turkey for Indian students. Find more about the MBBS in Turkey student visas required for Indian students.

Pursuing MBBS from Turkey gives Indian students an opportunity to study in some of the top medical universities in the world. It also gives them a taste of high-quality education since the board of education in Turkey is extremely vigilant. Indian students prefer to study MBBS in Turkey because of numerous programmes and affordable tuition fees. The MBBS program is offered in different disciplines like Health Management,  Veterinary Medicine, Complementary and Alternative Medicine,  Pharmacy, Dentistry, Nursing, Midwifery Nutrition and Dietetics, Human Medicine, Physiotherapy, Biomedicine, Public Health, Health Sciences. In the following paragraphs, you will come to know about the various aspects of studying MBBS in Turkey.

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About Turkey

Turkey is a transcontinental country, shares borders with Western Asia and Southeast Europe. Greece and Bulgaria to the northwest; the Black Sea to the north; Georgia to the northeast; Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Iran to the east; Iraq to the southeast; Syria and the Mediterranean Sea to the south; and the Aegean Sea to the west. Istanbul, the largest city, is the financial centre, and Ankara is the capital.

Why Study MBBS in Turkey

You will find many reasons to study Medicine in Turkey. Turkey is a place that attracts students from around the world. With its natural, spiritual, transportation, and physical properties specific to its cities.

  • Bridge to the World  and Rich Culture
  • Education According To Your Dream Job
  • Comprehensive University Education
  • Quality Education and Economic Life


The medical universities in Turkey usually have two intake periods. First, is in the month of May and the second, is in the month of December. You must keep an eye on the college website to know about the latest updates of admission.

Medium of Teaching MBBS Study

English is the main medium of teaching in medical colleges in Turkey. This is done to make it easier for international students to understand the lectures without any hassles. All the professors and your classmates will be proficient in speaking English. Having good knowledge of English helps you to read, write and speak the language without any problem.

Point to remember, that from the third year onwards, the students will have to be in contact with patients and have to communicate with patients in Turkish. Mostly in all the cases, it should not be a problem because they will have lived in Turkey for 3 years and their language level will be enough for communicating with patients.

Several public and private universities offer the program MBBS  Turkey in English.

When the candidate studies medicine in Turkey, they come into contact with many nations. Turkey is a country of so-called medical tourism. Patients worldwide come, as they already know, for many different reasons such as cosmetic surgery, cancer, and many more.

Most of these patients come from Iran, Saudi Arabia, Asia, Russia, and Europe. Hence It is advised and advantageous that you speak many different languages. It is considered a positive aspect.

The medical schools of Turkey are based on the American and European teaching standards so that graduates get the opportunity to work in an English-speaking market such as America or Canada.

MBBS Duration in Turkey

The duration to study MBBS in Turkey is 6 years which is almost the same in the different countries. This duration also includes an internship program at the end of the 5 years. 

  • General Medicine Duration: 6-year
  • First and second year:
  • In the first two years, the students will study about Non-Clinical, Academic sessions
  • Third-year: From the 3rdyear students will be introduced to theoretical and practical sessions on the diseases which are also known as Clinical Studies. 
  • In the 4thand 5th year, the study of MBBS will consist of clinical internships
  • 6th year: In the 6th year, Students will be sent for an Internship at University Hospital. 
  • This is the introductory stage of assistant medical education in Turkey. Turkish citizens are awarded by the university with a modest monthly salary for their medical work.

MBBS in Turkey Fee Structure

The MBBS course in Turkey may differ from one university to the other; hence, here below the student can get an overall outlook about MBBS fees/cost in Turkey. The course of studying in Turkey University cost of mbbs in turkey around 15,000$ – 30,900$ for private MBBS colleges in Turkey. By filling out our application structure the candidate will straightforwardly benefit from the decreased yearly expenses and scholarship program! If the student desires to know the right MBBS course fee in Turkey, they can have a look at the individual colleges’ costs and analyze them as per their need and affordability.

Tuition Fee of MBBS in Turkey

The total cost for the MBBS program in Turkey is very affordable. It costs 15000$ – 30000$ per year for the medical course program at First Year. So, this makes the students choose Ukraine for their MBBS program.

Fee structure of mbbs in turkey

Here you can find the approximate costs of studying medicine in Turkey. Listed above are the yearly fees of various foundation (private) Universities.

It is said that the prices vary from around 14,000$ – 27,500$ for private universities in Turkey for Medicine courses.

By registering with us the students will directly profit from the reduced yearly fees and scholarships!

Generally one can not contrast the prices of MBBS studies in Turkey with the prices of medical schools in other countries, as the prices differ between countries and universities within the countries. If you are focused, look at the respective MBBS  universities at Turkey’s prices and compare them.

Eligibility Criteria of MBBS in Turkey

The Universities for doing MBBS degree in Turkey have criteria for admission in the Medicine field. The following conditions are Mandatory for Indian Students who plan to Study MBBS in Turkey.

  • The MBBS aspirant must have qualified +2 in Biology, Physics, and Mathematics.
  •  Candidate should pass with 50% in higher secondary (12th) exam with Physics, Chemistry and Biology as major subjects in order to save a seat in a University for MBBS in Turkey.
  • A valid passport
  • Payment receipt of tuition fees
  • English Proficiency (Minimum): Band 4 in MUET (Local Candidates)/Band 6 in IELTS/550 in TOEFL (International Candidates) but these are not mandatory
  • NEET qualification

Documents Required for Medical Study in Turkey

The following documents have to be scanned and sent along with your admission form. Make sure that the information provided in your application form matches that of the original documents.

  • Mark sheets of 10+2 exam
  • Invitation letter from the university
  • Payment receipt of the tuition fees
  • Valid passport
  • NEET scorecard
  • Health certificate
  • Original documents
  • Admission form
  • Passport size Photographs
  • Birth Certificate.

Admission Procedure

The admission procedure for applying for MBBS in Turkey is quite simple. Just follow these easy steps and you will be done in a while.

  • Look up for all those medical universities where you would be interested in seeking admission.
  • Read about each of them and then zero in on a handful.
  • Check their application eligibility and proceed further to fill out the application form.
  • Send the application form along with the documents that have been asked for.
  • Wait for the arrival of the invitation letter from the university.
  • Pay the tuition fees and fulfill all the formalities as asked by the university.
  • Once you get the invitation letter in hand, apply for your student VISA.
  • When the student VISA arrives and everything is in place, you must book your tickets.

In the meantime, also check out the accommodation facilities provided by the university where you have got admission. If the university provides you accommodation then good but if it does not then you have to look for accommodation outside.

Top Medical Universities to Study MBBS in English in Turkey

Here is the list of all medical universities in turkey for Indian, Kashmiri, and Pakistani students offering Medicine in Turkey in English. To apply to the universities mentioned below, please fill out the application form.

University Yearly Fees


(before discount)



Top Medical Universities we represent for Study Medicine in Turkey

Turkey MBBS universities provide medical degrees in a number of well-known disciplines. Here below is the list of medical studies disciplines in Turkey you will find in all the MBBS Universities of Turkey.

  • Maltepe University Istanbul
  • Altinbai University Istanbul
  • Biruni University Istanbul
  • Istinye University Istanbul
  • Istanbul Medipol University Istanbul
  • Istanbul Okan University  Istanbul        
  • Bahçeiehir University Istanbul       
  • Yeditepe University Istanbul
  • Altim University Ankara
  • Izmir Ekonomi University Istanbul
  • Acibadem University Istanbul           

List of the reputed mbbs universities in turkey

  • Acibadem University
  • Altinbas University
  • Atilim University
  • Baikent University
  • Beykent University
  • Biruni University
  • Haliç University
  • Istanbul Medipol University
  • Istanbul Okan University
  • Istanbul Yeni Yüzy?l University
  • Istinye University
  • KTO Karatay University
  • Lokman Hekim University
  • Maltepe University
  • Üsküdar University
  • Yeditepe University
  • Yüksek ?htisas University
  • Istanbul Atlas University
  • Istanbul Aydin University

MBBS in Turkey For Pakistani Students Fee Structure, Admission, and Requirement

One of the best destinations MBBS in Turkey For Pakistani Students 2022, If you have strong ambitions and focused dreams about a career in medicine then MBBS in Turkey is a good option for you. It will give you a successful career in the field of medicine.

For doing BDS or MBBS in Turkey medical college, students from Pakistan must have an excellent score in their FSC pre-medical exams. A-level students can apply, Your degrees should be properly attested. Complete documents should be presented by you at the time of the admission processing cycle.

Pakistani students are looking for finding many study abroad opportunities especially in Turkey. Turkey is a brother Islamic country of Pakistan so Turkey offers many scholarships including MBBS scholarships in different universities for Pakistani students. many medical universities in Turkey offer Medical programs from Bachelor to Ph.D. level for Pakistani students. Here we gather some honorable mentions for Pakistani students who want to study Medicine or do MBBS in Turkey.

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