MBBS in Abroad : Top Universities Fees & Admission for Indian Students

The current generic students are aiming more to pursue MBBS in abroad education to serve living beings with humanity. Most of the students from various countries face some problems in getting admission in good medical institutions. Some of the students aim towards admission from the government institutions by clearing the entrance test whereas most of the students aim in getting admission without an entrance test in private institutions. So the students prefer more in MBBS abroad. The major issue is the high donation to be paid for getting admission in the medical institutions of their homeland.

This issue could be resolved while studying MBBS in abroad as there is no capitation is received for the admission. The foreign medical universities stand as salvage to Indian medical students and also for the other students who seek good education in abroad countries.

They offer medical courses at an affordable price. MBBS abroad helps the students in developing their lifestyles to get adapted to all the circumstances. This also makes them know the various cultural practices in foreign countries and have better learning experiences with a pleasant environment. So, these features help most of the students to choose MBBS in abroad.

MBBS Abroad for indian students

Before Choosing Country for MBBS in Abroad Best Advice:

Many countries are offering medical courses across the globe. The student’s expectation regarding MBBS abroad education is that the medical course must be provided with high quality, proper infrastructure, a better environment at an affordable price. So, they always aim to choose other countries for MBBS in abroad.

The medical universities in many countries are providing medical education in these aspects which in turn attracts the students to choose study MBBS abroad. The necessity of choosing your educational destination is as important as your choice of educational career. They can prefer the country based on their economy and have the best destination for MBBS in abroad.

mbbs in abroad for indian students

Tutelage Suggest Best Country for MBBS in abroad

Most of the abroad countries offer the best environment and high-quality education for the students at an affordable cost. The best countries for study abroad known for such medical education are Malaysia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia, Germany, Nepal, Bangladesh, China, and many other countries.

The medical universities in these countries are approved and accredited by the World Health Organisation(WHO) and enlisted with the Medical Councils of India(MCI). They follow the international and advanced curriculum for the student to make them more skilled in the medical field. So, the above-mentioned countries are best for MBBS in abroad.

Choice of Countries to Study MBBS in Abroad

Nowadays, Indian students have many options to take and pursue MBBS admission in abroad at a very low cost. Following are the few countries where students can study MBBS in abroad:

Country List of Top Medical Universities for MBBS Abroad

There are a number of best quality education universities in foreign countries. The MCI approved medical universities have their ranks. Here are some of the universities from different countries:

Name of Country Top MCI Approved University Country Rank World Rank Tuition Fee/ year
Ukraine Bogomolets National Medical University 2 1669 $3700
Poland Jagiellonian University Medical College 2 448 16148$
Georgia Ivane Javakhishvli Tbilisi State University 2 3445 6000$
Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University 1 4934 4000$
Russia Siberian State Medical University 56 2943 3803$
Nepal Kathmandu Medical College 1 6543 11000$
Bangladesh University of Rajshahi 3 3012 35000$
Philippines Angeles University Foundation 29 7599 5780$
China Xi’an Jiaotong Medical University 10 265 5370$
Belarus Belarusian State Medical University 3 2608 5833$
Kazakhstan Kazakh National Medical University 6 3888 6450
Armenia Kathmandu Medical College 1 2639 5000$
Uzbekistan Samarkand State Medical University 7 7155 2500$
Kyrgyzstan International School of Medicine 25 11532 $6,500$

Eligibility Criteria to Study MBBS in Abroad

As per the guidelines drafted by the Medical Council of India(MCI), the following are eligibility criteria to seek admission for MBBS in the best abroad medical Universities.

The students from the non-reserved category or the Indian Medical aspirant must have secured a minimum of 50% in major subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in their 12th board education.

In the case of the reserved category or medical aspirants from SC/ST/OBC must have secured a minimum of 40% in major subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in their 12th Board education.

Eligibility Criteria (MBBS Admission Abroad) For Indian Students

The admission process in the medical universities of abroad countries for indian students is very simple and hassle-free. There is no entrance test like TOEFL and IELTS conducted for getting admission to those universities. The students are asked to submit the documents to initiate the admission process immediately. An admission letter is issued after the submission of the following details.

1. Result of 12th board examination with eligibility that suits the university.
2. Photocopy of the passport.

The Ministry of Education of the respective country sends an invitation to the students after the submission of the required documents. The consultant applies for the student’s visa after getting an invitation and pre-departure training is provided for the students.

A representative presents their service at the airport to greet the students and yet another representative is available at the destination airport to receive and guide them. They are then provided with the accommodation of the University.

Cost of Studying MBBS Abroad for Indian Students

The students choose abroad countries for their MBBS in abroad because of the affordable cost offered for medical education. The number of Indian students chooses to study abroad for MBBS courses because of low fees structure with top medical universities.

The cost of the MBBS program in countries like Malaysia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia, Bangladesh, and others seems to be very less when compared with other developed countries. The cost of living is also less compared to other countries. The medical countries in these countries offer scholarships for the welfare of the students. These abroad destinations provide an opportunity for the students seeking medical education at a low cost.

List of countries chosen by the Indian students to pursue MBBS course in abroad

Country Total Cost (For MBBS Course)
MBBS in China 20-25 Lakhs
MBBS in Russia 15-40 Lakhs
MBBS in Ukraine 20-35 Lakhs
MBBS in USA 40-80 Lakhs
MBBS in Germany 15-25 Lakhs
MBBS in Belarus 15-20 Lakhs
MBBS in Poland 30-35 Lakhs

The duration of medical courses in abroad countries:

The medical courses are offered with a duration of 5 or 6 years based on the education system in various abroad countries. The medical study usually consists of a clinical and non-clinical study program for the students.

The training is given at hospitals and clinics to make students get more experience with the patients and it creates an impact in the minds of the students so that they could tackle the problems of the patients more easily. This helps to improve their clinical study.

Benefits of MBBS study in Abroad:

  1. The students are allowed to learn with a new environment by choosing MBBS study abroad.
  2. The students get to know about the new culture, customs, traditions, and heritage of other countries.
  3. They could get more friends from all over the world.
  4. It helps in the enhancement of language skills and creates an atmosphere to learn a new language.
  5. There is enough freedom offered in the abroad countries where the students can develop their skills along with self-confidence.
  6. The major benefit of MBBS in abroad is that the students get lifetime memories and better learning experience with complete satisfaction in a pleasant environment.
  7. The medical degree is valid across the globe with recognition of the World Health Organization(WHO) and they are eligible to work anywhere in the globe.


Advantages of Studying MBBS in Abroad:

  1. MBBS education at an affordable price- Study MBBS in Abroad offers the best quality education at the lowest price of 15-25 Lakhs INR.
  2. No Donation or Capitation Fee: The Top Medical Universities in abroad countries like Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, China, etc do not receive capitation for an admission.
  3.  No entrance test:- There is no entrance test conducted to seek admission. They require only the marks secured in the 12th Board examinations with a minimum of 50% in their major subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. It is not necessary to clear the entrance test like IELTS and TOEFL.
  4. Living cost is low- The majority of abroad countries provide an excellent living environment at an affordable price. It includes the facilities for the basic requirements of the students with complete security.
  5. World-Class Infrastructure is available- The  Medical universities in abroad countries offer medical education with world-class infrastructure equipped with all the latest and advanced equipment.
  6. Opportunity for International Exposure- The arrival of many students from various countries helps the students in gaining experience with a different cultural, ethical, and stylish background. It is an opportunity for the students to get exposure to settle in new countries without hassle.
  7. English medium of Instruction- The medium of instruction is English and so the students feel hassle-free to learn in abroad countries. There is no stress for the students to learn a new language and this assists them in their holistic development.
  8. Availability of Hostel- The medical Universities are provided with excellent hostel facilities for the students at a low cost. The environment is comfortable for all the students.
  9. Indian Foods are available: The medical universities in abroad countries have the Indian cooks especially for the Indian students and the foods are available to the same taste as that in their homeland.
  10. Successful in screening test results: The medical universities prepare the students to clear the FMGE and MCI screening test at their first attempts.
  11. Teaching methodology: They follow the USMLE style of teaching to the students to make them learn, apply, and practice their education and get improved in medical skills.
  12. Provision of Recognized degree certificate: The students who study MBBS in abroad countries are given the degree certificate that is recognized by the WHO and MCI which makes the students eligible to work anywhere across the globe.
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