Asia Metropolitan University Admission, Fees & Requirements

Asia Metropolitan University Admission, Fees & Requirements

The Faculty of Medicine educates health professionals and life science students from undergraduate to graduate and postgraduate levels to conducting researches in the laboratory, clinical settings, and at the population and public policy level to improve the health of people.

This faculty is run in the same region with five partner hospitals to provide broad coverage of the programme structure linking pre-clinical and clinical science subjects for our students to learn. MBBS programme has been vetted and approved by the Malaysian Medical Council and provides equitable access to quality medical education for all. The MBBS programme is offered in the Johor Bahru campus.

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Why MBBS from Asia Metropolitan University?

  • Discover diagnostic steps and treatment procedures to prevent sickness and disease
  • Healthcare practices to maintain and restore the health and well-being of a person
  • How to provide accurate medical prescription based on diagnosis
  • Pre-clinical training that involves basic medical science subjects such as anatomy, biochemistry, microbiology and more
  • Critical training in various clinical disciplines such as general medicine, surgery, paediatrics, and internal medicine
  • Laws and regulations to provide treatment according to the requirements set by the Ministry of Health Malaysia

How much is the tuition fee to study Medicine courses (MBBS) in Malaysia?

There is a different variant to tuition fees in Malaysia, depending on the course and university that is chosen.

The estimated tuition fee per year for Medicine course in the top universities in Malaysia can be RM 60,000 TO RM 120,000. The approximately AMU University fee is 12 Lakh rs per year.

Entry Requirement

Examinations and grades

Indian Pre-University Average of 70% in all subjects (with an average of 70% in
~Biology; and
~Chemistry; and
~Physics or Mathematics)

English Language Requirement 

Overall IELTS band score of 6.


Once we have considered your application and you are pre-selected, you will receive a letter of invitation to attend an interview. Interviews will take place from January onwards each year for the following September entry. The interview, conducted by two trained selectors, will last approximately 30 minutes. The interview format is designed to confirm whether you have the aptitude, motivation, and personal qualities to succeed as a medical student at AMU University Malaysia, and as a potential doctor of the future.

At the interview you will be assessed and graded under the following main categories:

  • motivation
  • reflection on care and role of the doctor
  • empathetic and ethical reasoning
  • critical thinking
  • communication skills

Selectors will expect you to show some insight into your personal attributes, the learning that has resulted from your previous experiences, and an understanding of the relevance of these factors to a career in medicine. Within one week of your interview, you will receive a letter of outcome. This will inform you if you have been successful in obtaining a place to study medicine at AMU Malaysia.


The programme has been approved and recognized by the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC).

It has obtained international recognition by the World Directory of Medical School (WDMS), World Health Organization (WHO), Medical Council of India (MCI), Maldives Medical and Dental Council (MMDC), and Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BMDC). The programme provides equitable access to quality medical education for all.

Course Structure

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
·         Gen. Anatomy


·         Gen. Biochemistry

·         Gen. Physiology

·         Gen. Pathology

·         Medical Microbiology

·         English for Academic

·         Enrichment

·         Hubungan Etnik

·         Medical Immunology

·         Gen. Pharmacology

·         Behavourial Sciences &

·         Communication

·         Endocrine System

·         Nervous System

·         Tamadun Islam & Tamadun

·         Asia (TITAS)

·         Musculoskeletal System


·         Cardiovascular System

·         Respiratory System

·         G.I.T

·         Malaysian Government and

·         Public Policy

·         Reproductive System

·         Urinary System

·         Public Health

·         Research & EBM

·         AMUnited 2

·         Leadership and Professional

·         Development

·         Ethics and Professionalism

·         Foundation in Clinical Clerkship


·         Community Health Posting

·         Internal Medicine 1

·         Surgery 1

·         Obstetrics & Gynaecology 1

·         Paediatric 1

·         Medical Ethics and

·         Professionalism

Year 4 Year 5  
·         Clinical Elective


·         Internal Medicine 2

·         Surgery 2

·         Obstetrics & Gynaecology 2

·         Paediatric 2

·         Orthopaedic 1

·         Psychiatry 1

·         Family Medicine

·         ENT

·         Ophthalmology

·         Anaesthesiology

·         Emergency Medicine

·         Radiology

·         Forensic Medicine

·         Medical Ethics and

·         Professionalism

·         Internal Medicine 3


·         Surgery 3

·         Paediatric 3

·         Obstetrics & Gynaecology 3

·         Orthopaedic 2

·         Psychiatry 2

·         Medical Ethics and

·         Professionalis

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