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Tutelage Study came to into existence when some of the like-minded and highly professional individuals came forward together to create a mastermind educational consultation that undertakes the students & recruitments from India. Tutelage study is here to fulfill every Indian student’s dream of international education. You can fulfill your ambition of studying abroad with our support as we are partnered with lots of medical universities and colleges along with other educational institutions all over the world. So, you can not only study abroad in the best universities but also you can stay there and enjoy learning in a hassle-free environment.


Select Favourite MBBS Destinations

study mbbs in russia`
MBBS in Russia

Russia is the best destination to pursue MBBS study over the globe at an affordable price and it is a perfect place for the students seeking a qualified education. The medical colleges follow advanced teaching methodology and provide a well-organized medical education for almost 20 years.

mbbs study in malaysia 2020
MBBS in Malaysia

MBBS in Malaysia offers standard and high-quality education at an affordable price. USMLE’s style of teaching acquires more students to study MBBS with more interest. Malaysian Medical Universities are recognized and approved by the World Health Organisation (WHO), Medical Council of India(MCI), and other medical councils. Malaysia is a growing hotspot in the medical field/MBBS.

study mbbs in china
MBBS in China

China is a more economical country and it is suitable for the students who want to pursue MBBS at their economical price. The medical universities provide scholarships for the students is yet another benefit as it reduces the price of MBBS studies in China to lower expenses.

mbbs in ukraine for indian students
MBBS in Ukraine

Ukraine is one of the best countries abroad that provides excellent medical education with extraordinary infrastructure at a very low expense. There are many world-class medical Universities in Ukraine with the best medical education system as regulated by the Ukraine government.

study mbbs in South Korea
MBBS in South Korea

South Korea is one among the top-most OECD countries (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) in the education system. It is a popular country with its national passion for giving absolute and highly qualified medical education at the lowest price.

MBBS in Romania
MBBS in Romania

MBBS in Romania helps the students pursue MBBS study in a safe environment. It provides a good learning environment for students with minimum expenses for food and living. There is an opportunity offered to study MBBS in various languages like English, French, German, Romanian, or Hungarian in Romania Medical Colleges.

MBBS in Poland
MBBS in Poland

Poland is the best choice to study MBBS abroad because of the high quality of education and fewer tuition fees and the topmost growth rate after pursuing MBBS in Poland. The climatic condition is also suitable for all the students across the world. It is one of the preferred destinations for pursuing medical education.

MBBS in Philippines fees structure
MBBS in Philippines

The Philippines provide quality education in medicine like MBBS, MD, etc. It is a preferred destination for the students looking for medical education at low cost and good infrastructure with clinical studies and practical training. The total cost for the MBBS course in the Philippines is completely less when compared to other countries.

MBBS in Nepal For Indian Students
MBBS in Nepal

Nepal has the topmost medical colleges that offer quality and affordable medical education. The medical colleges are equipped with art facilities, an excellent infrastructure, placement options available for the development of the students.

study mbbs in Mauritius
MBBS in Mauritius

Mauritius has the same environment as that of India. Safety and security is the biggest advantage to the students studying MBBS in Mauritius. There is no capitation or donation is received for any MBBS over there. The climate, food, language, and culture are the same as that of India. The amount spent for studying MBBS in Mauritius is comparatively less to that of the Indian Medical School.

study mbbs in Malta
MBBS in Malta

MBBS in Malta is the leading health sector in medical practice and research with its well-known reputation and history for medicine since 1372.It is the most safest and affordable destination to acquire an MBBS study in Malta. The wondrous weather condition ensures the students with the best learning experience along with awareness of different cultures and supports the cultivation of cultural competency.

study mbbs in Kyrgyzstan
MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

MBBS in Kyrgyzstan gives a better learning experience with minimum expense with no donation and capitation is required for studying medical courses. They excel in the medical field by producing world-class doctors and scientists. The internship is offered along with the medical course program.

mbbs in Kazakhstan
MBBS in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan provides a highly qualified medical education with more diversity and an excellent environment for all students. It offers low-cost medical studies with proper infrastructure and facilities. The medical study in Kazakhstan is recognized all around the globe. The students can also earn while learning.

mbbs in Iran
MBBS in Iran

Iran is a country known for finance and culture. It ensures a modern hospital for all the students and an affordable price is offered for all the students. It provides a pleasant and friendly camp atmosphere to do internships in Iran. People learn more with practical experience with absolute safety and security.

mbbs in Egypt
MBBS in Egypt

MBBS education in Egypt is completely MCQ designed for all the final year students. The faculty members prepare the students for the tests conducted by MCI, USMLE, PLAB, and UAE from the first year of the medical course. It offers a better environment for the students studying MBBS in Egypt.

mbbs in Caribbean Island
MBBS in Caribbean Island

MBBS in Caribbean Island gives world-class medical education with tons of skills and creates a wonderful experience with perfect weather conditions, cutting-edge substructure, and the natural environment which makes the students get their education with more interest. Medical education in Caribbean Island ensures accelerated study and clinical rotation in most of the well-known hospitals with a high success rate by holistic education.

mbbs in Bangladesh
MBBS in Bangladesh

MBBS in Bangladesh is pursued with minimum expense for the comprehensive plan of the medical course. Medical education is of the world’s premium quality and high-standard along with wonderful improvement in students. It is best suited for the students looking for an international medical career abroad.

mbbs in Armenia
MBBS in Armenia

MBBS study in Armenia ensures a safe and secure environment with good proximity. The cost of living is very low and so the cost of studying. The medical colleges are built with proper infrastructure and properly equipped laboratories. The quality of education is perfect and they provide good clinical exposure to give world-class education.

mbbs in Georgia
MBBS in Georgia

Georgia is the hot destination for the students who want to study MBBS abroad. The environment is comfortable for all the students and so many of them make their travel arrangements to study MBBS in Georgia.


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